We are not just any (IT) consultancy firm and we are not for everyone.

We strive for continuous growth: for our customers, for the Bizzomates and for the team. Growth in capabilities and growth in numbers. That is why we are always in the market for professionals who fit in our culture. At the moment, we are 50 people strong and work from three homebases: Schiphol, Dordrecht and Valkenburg (Limburg). A wide variety of Dutch and Belgian customers call on us to design, build and maintain apps. We help them solve complex business problems using the Low-Code platform Mendix and our creative methodologies like service design.

We have built pretty much anything you can think of on the Mendix platform. Small wonder that, in the Mendix universe, Bizzomate is known for technically outstanding apps that range from entire back-end systems to customer facing online portals.

Our growing list of impressive customers is a result of our desire to build strong and long-lasting relationships.

We are architects, scrum masters, analysts, techies and designers. We are Bizzomates.



The world is changing rapidly and there is a growing need for automation and digitization

Successful IT projects are essential to compete or to win in business. However, many projects take too long, run out of budget or don’t deliver the value they should. Traditionally the biggest bottleneck has been the lack of understanding between Business and IT.

Therefore, the process needs bridge builders who facilitate better collaboration, challenge set thinking patterns and improve the development process.

There is a way to make business and IT find each other and create an effective, efficient and better way of working. By using the best of low-code development and adopt proven design methodologies we strive to go beyond agile software development, in order to build agile businesses.



The sum of 4 P's: Everyone at Bizzomate commits to the 4 P’s on which our company was founded. Combined they provide the key ingredient to the special sauce that makes Bizzomate.

Bizzomate employees are passionate about the things they are doing. In the workplace and at home. As a consequence, they proactively seek the initiative and take responsibility.

A Bizzomate employee continuously strives to be the best at the task at hand. An additional goal is to make it a priority to bring the entire team to an exceptional level of performance so everyone can be proud of the result achieved.

Continuously striving towards providing added value for our customers is a quality that every Bizzomate employee embodies. It goes without saying that integrity and respect for ethical values are of great importance.

Bizzomate employees are primarily driven by the pleasure in their work. This translates into an informal, social and respectful atmosphere within the organization and between colleagues, and a similar rapport with our customers.

These values are not just for show, they are intertwined with everything we do. From personal development plans to project retrospectives and giving and providing personal feedback. Each P is as important as the other, it is all about the right balance.


Organizations play an important role in the well-being of their workforce, their families and even society. Bizzomate acknowledges that, and therefore implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility policy which states that every colleague should devote 10% of their time to a charitable cause of their own choice. Working out of your comfort zone increases resilience and helps to put things in perspective. Our CSR policy is an opportunity for every colleague to become a more complete person and increase their positive impact on society. As a Bizzomate, you are free to select and support social initiatives of your own choice. We would like you to rise to the occasion and increase your positive impact.

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Are you solving the right problems, or are you making software that nobody wants? Building the thing right is easy, identifying the right thing to build isn’t!
Over the years we’ve seen many stable, scalable and innovative applications which didn’t deliver the value that the customer, their customer and/or users expected. In these scenarios often great technology, the latest features and the coolest functions were created to tackle the wrong problem. Assumptions lead to misunderstanding and nobody saw it coming…

For as long as customers have been seeking solutions from the computing industry, there’s been a gap between those who need a solution and those who provide one. A thorough understanding of your customer needs, why he/she needs it and how this will help to move the business forward, is extremely important when you’re setting out to develop a new application. Before committing to the development of a solution it’s wise to take a step back, create a common understanding of the problem and speak the same language. This will create the right focus on the correct pain points. Ideate and sketch out different solutions for these problems and decide which idea might provide a fitting solution. Quickly create a prototype, ask for feedback from real live users and fail fast if you need to. Remember, the most expensive way to validate an idea is to build working software that nobody wants.

Based on proven methods and frameworks like Design Thinking, Agile and SCRUM Bizzomate has developed a 4 step approach. This to create a better understanding between the needs from the business and the capabilities of IT. Which results in better solutions that help to engage with your customers, phase out legacy systems, optimize processes and stimulate innovation. No long research studies, or thick reports, but a pragmatic and creative approach to identify the right problems to solve before you start with the technical bits and bites to fix them.


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