KYOS Energy Consulting

KYOS is an expert in energy and energy modelling. Key in our approach is: 

1. Focus on energy

KYOS has a clear focus on energy. All our consultants are very experienced and have in-depth knowledge on commodity markets, and the energy sector in particular. This knowledge is considered key for understanding the energy business, and is essential for providing outstanding advisory services.

2. Combine theory with practice

KYOS balances on the cutting edge of theory and practice. We combine state-of-the-art theoretical knowledge and thought leadership with practical solutions for actual day-to-day problems. We often use simulations, as they allow for a flexible and intuitive way to analyze a large number of possible outcomes.

3. Close customer co-operation

We prefer developing solutions in close cooperation with our customer above a black box approach. This allows a mutual transfer of knowledge such that the solutions completely fulfil the customer’s needs. It also allows the customer to properly use and maintain our solutions.

4. Complete transparancy

KYOS builds models for its customers. We think its normal that customers receive full access to our models. Therefore we always offer the possibility to obtain the models including source code. This even applies to our standardized tools: the full source code is available for all our products.

5. Partnerships

Due to our strong focus on energy and other commodities, KYOS knows exactly in which areas it provides added value. It also means we know in which areas we're lacking knowledge, skills or experience. For those areas, KYOS has a network of partners.

6. Flexible formats

Our models are generally built in Matlab, Excel, VBA or a user friendly combination of those, with a dashboard for the user in Excel. This means that our applications can easily connect to various data sources and other office software, and therefore have a high level of user-friendliness and flexibility.


Recente vacatures:

PHP Full Stack Developer

Are you talented, enthusiastic, and looking for a job in the Netherlands (our office is based in Haarlem)? We are looking for a PHP Developer (Medior / Senior - depending on experience) to work on our energy trading and risk management software. Are you that creative and hands-on person that loves to come up with new ideas on how to improve the way our software is displayed? Do you have a good eye for detail to make sure that the code you are writing is working perfectly? We wish to expand the team with someone that is eager to learn and continuously strives to improve his or her skills. If you are still enthusiastic, please read on!

KYOS Energy Consulting
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